Right Shift Media Privacy Policy

Our Promise to You: We’ve Got Your Back(ground) and Your Data!

At Right Shift Media, we take privacy seriously, but not ourselves. We’re here to protect your information and make sure it’s as safe as a kitten in a bubble wrap suit. So, grab a cup of coffee and relax as we explain how we handle your data with the care of a tech-savvy grandma.

Info Collection: Like a Detective, But Less Creepy

When you interact with our website or use our services, we collect some data. Don’t worry, we’re not stalking you like an online dating profile gone wrong. We only collect what’s necessary to improve your experience and provide the best service possible. Think of it as us being curious like a cat, but without the furballs.

Fort Knox for Your Data: Our Security Ninja Skills

We’ve built a digital fortress to protect your information. Our team of security ninjas works tirelessly to keep your data safe from cyber villains. We use the latest encryption techniques, firewalls, and even a secret handshake to keep your info under lock and key. Rest easy, your data is safer with us than Batman’s identity.

Sharing Is Caring (Sometimes): When and Why We Share Your Info

We’re not the town gossip spreading rumors about you. We respect your privacy and promise not to sell your data to the highest bidder. However, there are times when we need to share your info. We’ll only do it if required by law, or if it helps us improve our services. Think of it as us whispering a secret to a trusted friend, but without the drama.

Cookies, Not the Delicious Kind (Sorry): They’re Virtual Breadcrumbs

We use cookies on our website, and no, they’re not the kind your grandma bakes. These virtual breadcrumbs help us remember your preferences and make your experience smoother than a baby’s bottom. But don’t worry, they’re calorie-free and won’t give you cavities. If you’re not a fan, you can manage them in your browser settings. You’re in control, cookie monster!

Your Superpowers: Controlling Your Data, Hulk-Style

You’re the boss of your data, and we respect that like a superhero respects their alter ego. You have the power to access, correct, or delete your personal info. Just reach out to our amazing support team at deletemydata@rightshiftmedia.com, and they’ll assist you faster than a speeding bullet. We’re here to help you unleash your inner data ninja!

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